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Optimizing Your Marketing Communications Mix

On those few occasions when I am in town for a full week or more, I often go through my “archives.” I found this gem tucked away in a folder that was mislabeled. While not earth shattering, it’s worth remembering. … Continue reading

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Dotcoms, Unicorns, Business Valuation and Dollar Shave Club

Yesterday Unilever announced the intended purchase of Dollar Shave Club, an online razor and related men’s items merchant, for $1B. A few years ago I wrote about the hype surrounding this company. I would like to say that I am … Continue reading

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A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action … Please

Lyrics from a Country-Western song resonated with me as I was reviewing some old magazine articles from my archives. The content was about the idea that the tipping point construct was not valid and that the idea of Connectors and … Continue reading

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Customer Experience and Process Management: A Dichotomy?

We find ourselves at Customer Manufacturing Group at the intersection of two trends that are finally becoming mainstream conversations: customer experience and process management. As we discuss these topics with people, we notice their concern that the two may be … Continue reading

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Will The Return Of The Edsel Be Next?

For reasons that are beyond me, Pepsi has announced the return of their 1990s soft drink failure, Crystal Pepsi. For those of you who don’t remember, or never heard, Crystal Pepsi was a “clear cola.” As predicted by my friend … Continue reading

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I Was Stupid And They Saved Me

I bash the airline industry a lot on this blog. Firstly, I fly often so I get lots of opportunity; and secondly, they give me lots of examples. That being said, when they do a good job, I also like … Continue reading

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