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Strategic Judo: Turning Showrooming into a Brick & Mortar Advantage

Business strategy gets a bad rap from many pundits who suggest that strategic planning is passe, and that you just have to act and adjust. Strategies are designed to achieve a goal given the environment you operate within. Act and … Continue reading

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Getting It Right in Long Form

Commercials need to be entertaining with a solid message to work well. Too many focus on entertainment, go viral and produce nothing for the bottom line. Then there is an example like this from Audi: Mitch

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You can’t get Amazon-like results without process management

Bloomberg Businessweek has a very interesting article up on Brad Stone’s new biography of Jeff Bezos.  From the opening page of the article (with minor edits on my part): Within (AMZN) there’s a certain type of e-mail that elicits … Continue reading

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Do You Really Need Differentiation To Win In the Marketplace?

My friend Allen Hauge pointed me to a Harvard Business Review blog post that suggests you don’t need differentiation to win in the market. Since I wrote an entire book suggesting otherwise, I was intrigued by the position taken by … Continue reading

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Does This Product Placement Backfire?

Telepresence robots have been getting a fair amount of press in the last year. For the less initiated, these robots allow a virtual worker to move about the office while not actually being there and take part in meetings and … Continue reading

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