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How Far Behind Is Marketing … Still

I recently found this article in Ad Age about the “new” idea that Marketing should integrate with product development to create better products since promoting (marketing in their language) better products is easier. The author cites the CMO of Rambus, … Continue reading

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Just Because It’s Easy, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Make A Big Deal About It

The ongoing anxiety over GMO foods is a marketing opportunity for many companies. Chipotle recently announced, with great fanfare, the end of GMOs at their restaurants. I ate at a Chipotle for the first time in a while on the … Continue reading

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Are UK CMOs really CMOs?

According to an article in Marketing Week, a recent study by the Chartered Institute of Marketing found that only 45% of UK CMOs are guaranteed involvement in the development of new products and services. Since marketing involvement in the development … Continue reading

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Raising the bar to create a competitive edge

Rapid feedback improves processes. The longer it takes to gain feedback, the longer it takes to improve. Agile development uses this axiom to advantage. Additionally, faster to market usually offers a competitive advantage. Combining the two can raise the bar … Continue reading

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Rules? We spit on the rules!

I was scanning an issue of Sporting News at the doctor’s office today, and they had a little blurb about something from 1985 that passed me by then.  That was the year that Nike introduced the Air Jordon–in black, white … Continue reading

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What management can learn from political primaries

We are in the presidential primary season.  This round, only the Republicans are having a serious  primary, but there is an important lesson to be drawn from either party’s primary that’s valid for corporate management. During the primaries the base … Continue reading

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The CompleteTask List for Product Introduction

We’ve just published a booklet on Kindle written by Barbara Mroz (my wife) titled New Product Introduction – The Complete Task list.  This product introduction process map and checklist was created by Barbara originally for a client who was bringing … Continue reading

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Are these really the dumbest things he ever did?

My friend Allen Hauge sent me a link to an article about the 10 Dumbest Things Steve Jobs Ever Did. They are indeed dumb … some of them only in hindsight. However, the list is missing one of the biggest mistakes … Continue reading

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The lesson of Microsoft for almost everyone

I recently ran across a young singer in Poland with my last name (actually Mroz is a fairly common name in Poland): Urszula Mroz.  What amazed me as I watched her YouTube video was that she was singing, for a … Continue reading

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Tagless t-shirts and willfull ignorance

One of the greatest innovations, in my daily life at least, is the tagless t-shirt.  For decades every time I bought a new shirt or t-shirt, I took out a pair of scissors and cut the tag on the inside … Continue reading

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