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CRM and Sales Process Management

I have been reminded a few times recently of the wide misconception people have of CRM and the reports available from these software tools. To effectively manage a process you need to measure not only the ultimate outcomes of the … Continue reading

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If you lower the bar it’s easier to clear it

In several posts I have questioned what J.C. Penny is up to since firing their CEO and bringing back the prior CEO. Clearly they hired a new and transformational CEO as they felt the earlier strategy was not working. And … Continue reading

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CMO’s sticking longer

Spencer Stuart notes that CMO tenure has increased consistently since 2004 from an average of 23.6 to 45 months. Debate as to cause abounds. Since it’s been a steady rise each year, I postulate that it’s due to CMOs and … Continue reading

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Are you the lever or the leveraged?

I thought of Gordon Bell the other day.  Gordon was the architect of many Digital Equipment Corporation computers.  In the late 80s he moved out to California to hook up with the venture capital community there.  In a magazine article … Continue reading

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Get to the point … now

In today’s ADD/distracted world you have to get to the point … quickly. Twitter gives you 144 characters and now Vine gives you six seconds of video. Unfortunately, most of these quick and easy broadcast platforms result in a lot … Continue reading

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And the tragedy continues..

I have posted several times about J.C. Penny. (Just search the archives for J.C. Penny). In my last post, I suggested the Board of Directors was to blame for this debacle. And now they are compounding the problem. They have … Continue reading

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