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C.K. Prahalad’s latest column

In the latest (April 2010) HBR, C.K. Prahalad has a column titled “Best Practices Get You Only So Far”.  In it he essentially echoes our own writing in Value Acceleration (and in published papers for several years prior).  To put … Continue reading

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Profitability in trailing-edge markets

While most companies slug it out to be the leader in the “next new thing,” or work to be fast followers, a few companies profit on the trailing edge. When products fade away, they rarely disappear. They just aren’t in … Continue reading

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Designing Your Sales Process

Many companies approach us to help them redesign their sales process. Our starting point is always the same. You can read about that starting point or watch this short video. Ralph

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Modern Sales Training

We don’t usually talk about other consulting or training firms in our posts unless it is positive. However, I have been spam emailed over the last several days by the local Sandler Training person pushing his latest sales 3-hour executive workshop … Continue reading

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How they buy can be more important than what they buy

The original Xerox machine, the 914 copier, was not particularly successful until the company allowed people to have the machine and buy copies as needed. People did not feel they would use the machine enough to justify its purchase, but … Continue reading

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Removing waste increases profits

In June of 2007 I posted about the mis-application of 6-Sigma to innovation and creativity. However, the idea of removing waste that does not add value can still be applied to so-called creative processes. To wit, Partners & Napier, a … Continue reading

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Will it be over soon?

The consumer advocate for the San Jose Mercury News writes a column he calls “Action Line.” In today’s column he published a letter from a consumer who had a problem with a treadmill and called Sears Home Services for a repair … Continue reading

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U.S. Postal Service to consider everything … really?

John Potter, U.S. Postmaster General, is widely quoted today as saying that the USPS must “consider everything” in fixing the revenue shortfall and losses facing the USPS. He is then quoted as discussing options such as closing branches to allow … Continue reading

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What’s really wrong at Toyota

Akio Toyoda spoke to the U.S. Congress last week and apologized for his company’s failures to perform. (As an aside, it is interesting that Charlie Rangel has no problem holding Mr. Toyoda responsible for the failures of people who work … Continue reading

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