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If You Build It, They Still May Not Come, Even Though They Should

I came across a really cool new product last week that I wanted to share for two reasons. One it is a really cool (ok I said that) and two, I think there is a marketing lesson in this product.  … Continue reading

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Why is US Airways the worst US Airline?

First, let’s get clear on the ranking. Consumer Reports reported in their June issue that a survey of their readers (over 30,000 respondents) ranked US Airways as the worst US Airline. Now, the question is how do they earn that … Continue reading

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Distinction vs. Differentiation

I had an interesting discussion last week with an audience member who felt that differentiation was not what customers wanted to buy. We were discussing one of my favorite subjects, which is Marketing’s core responsibility for identifying what we call … Continue reading

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One more on process vs. innovation

I have just a bit more to say on this process vs. innovation issue, and then I’ll move on. (I have some thoughts on the Intel “comeback” reported by Forbes in their June 4th issue that I will be posting … Continue reading

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Process vs. Innovation

Many pundits argue that the current path to competitive advantage is by out-innovating the competition. This is as opposed to focusing on being more efficient than the competition. The unstated theory being that one of these two approaches is the … Continue reading

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