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Avis redefined … why?

Avis hired a new CMO about a year ago. As many CMOs are apt to do, she is re-branding the company. Gone is the 50 year positioning of “We Try Harder.” When asked why, she responded, “Consumer-centric brands must always evolve in order … Continue reading

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Did Apple just save RIM and the Blackberry?

Apple‘s devastating legal victory over Samsung and, by association, the Android operating system may have had the unintended effect of breathing life into RIM and its Blackberry; a product mostly given up for dead, except by those corporate users whose … Continue reading

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A major travel brand’s good and bad…

I’m staying at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas for the first time. Interesting dichotomy. I’m in one of their “classic rooms.” Read: original, not upgraded to the modern era. Sometimes a brand has to realize that their offering, even at … Continue reading

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Niche domination works

I read recently about Boar’s Head the deli meat company. While this company presents great learning opportunities, which I will get to next, I should also mention that since my Great-Uncle helped build the Best Kosher Foods Company into a dominant … Continue reading

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Out-selling the competition

An article in Inc Magazine stated, “For most growing businesses, quality salespeople are a must. But most business models won’t achieve exponential growth riding on the backs of the sales team. Even the best salesperson can’t sell something that customers … Continue reading

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