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Dumping Shatner is only a symptom

Priceline has announced they are ending their relationship with William Shatner because he has been too successful at positioning them in the “name your own price” travel market. Apparently generating $1.5B in revenue, which is a 45% increase over the … Continue reading

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Another money maker for a branding agency

Apparently Hyundai is aiming to move the brand to a new position of “modern premium.” That would be a phrase their agency made up. The problem is that they also want to keep making a wide range of vehicles from low-cost to … Continue reading

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It’s almost Super Bowl time … again

The teams are set and the day is approaching. For us, aside from those of us who like football, or have a “dog in the hunt,” it’s about the ads. As in earlier years, we will offer our insights on the ads after … Continue reading

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Since ink is free they just won’t go away

I posted twice last year about QR codes. My point was and is that they are fascinating to marketers, and another tactic they can use to raise the flag. But to what end? In yet another article which makes my point … Continue reading

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Present sales in the future tense

Been working on a couple client projects lately that required analyzing and straightening out sales data, and it brought to mind something that is often missing when management looks at sales.  Mitch and I (and others at CMG) come originally … Continue reading

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Why does everyone forget how to do surveys?

The third-party survey company, doing a quality survey for my health care provider (doctor’s office), just caught me at a weak moment and I agreed to answer their questions.  20 minutes later, I’m off the phone.  What could possibly be … Continue reading

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Riley on Marketing makes her own point

A recent YouTube viral video, Riley on Marketing, has been making the rounds because this very young girl is ranting about why girls only get to choose stuff that is “pink” and not super-heroes. As she correctly notes, some girls like super-heroes. True … Continue reading

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