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Mural dyslexia

Heard that phrase today for the first time in a meeting. Translation: Unable to read the writing on the wall. Mitch

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Where’s the beef?

The latest blow up over Taco Bell’s “beef” brings a whole new spin to the old Wendy’s campaign, “where’s the beef?” Mitch

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Great customer service weekend

Last weekend was a great customer service weekend for me. I not only got great service, I saw a fantastic process in action. We’re doing a little remodeling upstairs in our house and are getting some new doors. I ordered … Continue reading

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Who pays for the waste?

While standing in line to board my flight to Denver yesterday, a very nice woman excused herself from standing in front of me in the first class line. I had been upgraded and she had not yet, but she was hoping … Continue reading

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Confusing activity with results…

Or output with outcomes are both classic mistakes we see many marketers (and others) make. We have spoken about this mistake in several presentations over the years, most notably when talking about marketing communications activities. As such, we are always … Continue reading

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They’re back

After a several year funk, they’re back. They being 3M. Their core business model for decades has famously been to out-innovate their competitors. (The headline on their website is “Innovative Technology for a Changing World.”) They pioneered the idea of giving … Continue reading

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Never seen this before

I ran into what appears to be a stunningly good idea over the New Year’s weekend. Rocklin Mercedes-Benz has a bistro restaurant on-site at their dealership. This is a high-end bistro restaurant that attracts its own customers, not just an “amenity” for … Continue reading

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