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Shame on Frito-Lay: Super Bowl Ad Fail

Despite the damage it may cause, Frito Lay ran the Cowboy Kid Doritos ad during the Super Bowl. While the ad itself is simulated and no dogs were harmed, it portrays an extremely dangerous practice of encouraging kids to ride … Continue reading

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Super Bowl 1st Half Ads Commentary

Not being a Madonna fan, I thought I would post my first half advertising commentary during half-time. In no particular order: 1. My favorite ad was the Budweiser Prohibition ad. Well executed, on message and ties back to their traditional … Continue reading

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2011 Super Bowl Ads: the good, the bad and the ugly 1Q

Today, I’ll offer my viewpoint on the Super Bowl ads that aired in the first quarter of the game. I felt the best ad of the quarter was the Kia Optima ad. It delivered on message and it used Super … Continue reading

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Comments on the Super Bowl Ads

Like most marketing “experts,” I comment on Super Bowl ads every year. This year is no exception. Things I noticed this year: There is no real consensus among pundits as to the “best” ad Most everyone feels that the ad … Continue reading

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