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Was Jack Welch really an exceptional CEO?

Seems like an heretical question, but it is serious. There is no doubt that he did a great job increasing the value of GE for its shareholders. However, he is also credited with creating a highly vaunted management program that … Continue reading

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When all else fails, try focusing on your value difference

Back in February I posted about how many of the U.S. Auto insurance companies were treating their “products” as commodities and focusing on price. I had some thoughts about targeting, which I included in that post. It appears that at … Continue reading

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Are these really the dumbest things he ever did?

My friend Allen Hauge sent me a link to an article about the 10 Dumbest Things Steve Jobs Ever Did. They are indeed dumb … some of them only in hindsight. However, the list is missing one of the biggest mistakes … Continue reading

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If you build it, will they come? Even if it’s easy to get there?

QR codes are the latest “it” marketing tactic. While similar to the Cue Cat technology of the ’90s that used bar codes, QR codes rely on smart cell phones to take you the website of interest. The question is, “of … Continue reading

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Jerry is amazing

I spent some extra time in the United terminal at the Denver Airport today. As I often do when I have the time in that terminal, I visited the Ben & Jerry’s shop upstairs. I had lots of time so the … Continue reading

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Critical success factors

Many planning frameworks (ours too) include the construct of critical success factors. Simply stated, critical success factors are those actions/factors which are necessary and sufficient to achieve the results anticipated by the plan. The key is necessary (do you really need to … Continue reading

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