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What a difference a decade makes

In its early days, I remember never being able to contact anyone live at Like almost all dotcoms of the day (and too many still today), you could only contact them via email or similar and wait for a … Continue reading

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Are UK CMOs really CMOs?

According to an article in Marketing Week, a recent study by the Chartered Institute of Marketing found that only 45% of UK CMOs are guaranteed involvement in the development of new products and services. Since marketing involvement in the development … Continue reading

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Troubling expenses or cheap quality control?

I bought a couple items of clothing recently from a major catalog house, and I wasn’t too  pleased with the items.  The shorts, although marketed to adult males, were so baggy that they seemed designed for what, in new York … Continue reading

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Raising the bar to create a competitive edge

Rapid feedback improves processes. The longer it takes to gain feedback, the longer it takes to improve. Agile development uses this axiom to advantage. Additionally, faster to market usually offers a competitive advantage. Combining the two can raise the bar … Continue reading

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What outcome do you think they are looking for?

I snapped this picture at O’Hare yesterday. It fascinated me. Here is a touted Chicago area recycling effort (note the big poster on the front of the bin). However, the bin is marked “clean paper” only on top. What the … Continue reading

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