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Clever Re-purposing

In the “olden days” (maybe 20 years ago) public telephones were ubiquitous in airports. The space was profitable to the airport as the provider paid for the privilege of offering the phone service and collecting the revenue from those phone … Continue reading

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Do You Need A CMO … Part 2

Almost two years ago I asked the question for the first time as to whether a company needed a CMO. I noted in that post that all companies have CMOs whether it’s full-time or part-time. As I said then, and … Continue reading

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Brick And Mortar Innovation

I’ve written several posts on brick and mortar suicide (just do a search of the site to find them using that term), and to be fair, when I see something one of them is doing well I like to also … Continue reading

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Creating A Great Customer Experience

In most companies (e-commerce only partially excluded), your people make a huge difference in the customer’s experience. They can move it from good to great or from bad to worse, at least. Numerous studies have shown that how your company … Continue reading

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Brand Position And Price Position Must Align

Regular readers know I often comment in this blog on articles I read. Sometimes I find an article that is just really good, and I can’t add to it. Here is one by Al Ries on pricing strategy and brand … Continue reading

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Misguided Competitive Advantage

Much is written on competitive advantage. The website brings up 1000s of search results in the books section alone. My second book, The Secret To Selling More, discusses it, and my third book (along with Ralph Mroz), Value Acceleration, … Continue reading

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