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When do you cross the line?

I have noticed a disturbing trend lately. A while back we published an article on value pricing, which questioned why value priced came to mean low-priced. Something is currently going on with some of the big box retailers that may backfire … Continue reading

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What got you here, won’t get you there

In the October 25 issue of Business Week there was an interesting article about Dells’ Do Over. The focus of the article was on “How Michael Dell is trying to change almost everything about the company he founded.” Why? Because … Continue reading

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Walking the talk

Occasionally, Ralph or I go off on something on this blog that is not really marketing, sales, innovation or process related. Today is one of those days. I was playing golf at Lincoln Park in San Francisco yesterday and I … Continue reading

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The easy path to brand destruction

A great brand is a terrible thing to waste … or destroy. It can take decades to build a brand and months to kill it. The Holiday Inn was once a great brand. It was ruined because it became inconsistent. … Continue reading

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Two is enough

As I tell readers in my book,  It’s Not Rocket Science: Using Marketing to Build A Sustainable Business, the world doesn’t really need more than two suppliers of anything. Circuit City learned that lesson the hard way when they collapsed in … Continue reading

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You can still learn a lot from customers

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group was freed from the confines of Cadbury last year and has been making up for lost time. In reading about them, there are lots of things to be impressed by and cheer about. They are focused … Continue reading

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If you make it fun … they will come

Theme restaurants, shoppertainment and other marketing ideas have been around for a while and some deployments have done well consistently. Others, sometimes not. The question is … if you make it fun will they come? We intuitively have thought so. Now, … Continue reading

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Peter Drucker Remembered

A recent issue of the Harvard Business Review had a special section titled “What Would Peter Drucker Think?” focused on the current financial issues.  It was refreshing to see Drucker so fondly remembered in the HBR, where he had published … Continue reading

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Different Oceans Can Co-Exist

The September issue of the Harvard Business Review has feature article titled “How Strategy Shapes Structure.”  We’ll reprint its opening paragraphs here, with the issue we have with it in bold: When executives develop corporate strategy, they nearly always begin … Continue reading

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