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Find a difference and leverage it

The world does not need another Wal-Mart. In truth it would not have needed Wal-Mart if Kmart had executed. Too many companies try to emulate a leader or compete head on in a market. Unless the leader has slipped, this is a … Continue reading

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One more time, everyone does not want to be a pioneer

I read a couple of interesting articles about FourSquare recently. For the 96% of you who don’t use it (Forrester Research indicates only 4% of online adults use the service), it is a location-based service that helps you find what you … Continue reading

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Selling is disgusting

Those who have heard me speak know I have stated that most people believe that selling is not something they want to have to do as part of their job. In truth many of them feel that selling is disgusting. An … Continue reading

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Person dependent processes are limiting

Most business processes are people dependent. That is, people are required to make the process work. However, some business processes are person-dependent, and that is limiting. To know if a process is person-dependent you just have to ask yourself what … Continue reading

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Shopping vs. Buying

Several years ago I decided to do all of my holiday shopping on the Internet for two reasons: (1) I was short on time, and (2) I wanted to better understand the experience of shopping on the Internet. I decided … Continue reading

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Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

Effectiveness is doing the right thing. Efficiency is doing things right. Being efficient without first being effective is waste. In other words, doing the wrong thing well is wasted effort. Most experienced business people know this, and often still forget … Continue reading

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I love it when Howard agrees with me

I was reading the article about Howard Shultz and Starbucks in the August 17th issue of Business Week (ok, I’m a little behind in my reading), and found two ideas that he shares with his team that I have been … Continue reading

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Brand preference … in stark reality

I was struck yesterday on the brand preference of Starbucks. I know there is one on every corner (except in New England where it is Dunkin Donuts on every corner). However, I was wandering around Whistler Village yesterday afternoon. It … Continue reading

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Starbucks and customer service ratings

My local Starbucks posted their customer service ratings. The scores indicate that they need to process people a bit quicker and clean the store up a bit. I agree. Overall their scores were in the 50s-80s. I notice similar scores … Continue reading

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