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Do You Need A CMO?

The answer is, without question, yes. However, all companies have one. In companies that are too small to invest in a full-time CMO, the CEO is the defacto CMO whether he or she sees it that way or not. Recently, … Continue reading

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Trailers For Commercials?

You know it’s a significant event when the upcoming commercials have trailers. While I am not convinced that companies use their Super Bowl investments effectively, you have to admit that when the commercials for the event have trailers/teasers running, it’s … Continue reading

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Were You Expecting A Different Result

Last year I posted a fair amount about JC Penney and their Board’s inept decisions. The last post suggested JC Penney may not last long after the Holiday season. Well here we are and the decline continues. They announced yesterday … Continue reading

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Finally The Engineer Gets Recognition

Ralph and I have known this for many years, but then we be Engineers. Mitch  

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Return of American Idol … Maybe

The media is focused on the return of American Idol this week. Last year’s ratings disaster is on everyone’s mind and people are talking about if or how American Idol has learned its lesson and will be “different” this year. … Continue reading

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Where’s There’s Smoke, Maybe That’s All There Is

Dollar Shave Club was an Internet sensation last year with their clearly clever, viral videos. They also have a pretty big pot of venture capital funds behind them; but how are they doing? Not so well it turns out. And … Continue reading

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Brick and Mortar Tear Down

This post is longer than my average, so bear with me. The media monitors the rise and fall of retail especially during the holiday season as a huge part of total retail sales occur at this time of year. As … Continue reading

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