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A reminder that it’s not just a car

People who have heard me speak or read my book, It’s Not Rocket Science, know that I use cars to illustrate value propositions/differentiation. I was walking through O’Hare this week and saw this ad for BMW service. What struck me … Continue reading

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Super Bowl 2011 2nd Quarter Ad Review

The second quarter was not memorable for ads with a couple of exceptions. My favorite was the Motorola Xoom ad that smacked Apple in its 1984 face. And that makes no difference until we see how the product does. Dumb … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned … or Not

In the April 6 2009 issue of Ad Age, AlĀ Ries wrote an interesting article on the cost of damaging your brand for short term gain during a recession. His position, with which I agree is stated in the first sentence … Continue reading

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Starbucks and customer service ratings

My local Starbucks posted their customer service ratings. The scores indicate that they need to process people a bit quicker and clean the store up a bit. I agree. Overall their scores were in the 50s-80s. I notice similar scores … Continue reading

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