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Missed Opportunities

I finally bought a new car. After 11 years of driving my pick-up truck, it was finally time to admit it was time. I had decided on a Pontiac Solstice but had delayed purchase since all the dealers in my … Continue reading

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Ed Zander steps down at Motorola due to failed Marketing

But how can that be true you say, the Razr ads are cool. The brand is well known. How did failed Marketing cause Mr. Zander’s (don’t know him, so Ed seems a little presumptuous) need to step down?  If you … Continue reading

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Listen to our radio interview … free

Ralph and Mitch were recently interviewed on a business radio program on their views of the current trends and pressures on marketing and sales people and processes. You can listen to this mp3 file by using this link:

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A bit more on CMO turnover

The business week article that Ralph mentioned in the previous post also noted a “fatal” flaw in the role of marketing in most companies. If you read the article (can’t find it on the BW website to link to, sorry), … Continue reading

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CMO instability due to lack of process management

The current issue of Business Week has an extensive article on the short tenure of CMOs.  It seems that they have a shorter life than any other position in the C-suite.  This really isn’t very surprising to us.  After all, … Continue reading

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