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Simple Solutions To Complex Problems

As regular readers know, I criticize the airlines a lot, and for good reason. And occasionally they do something really good, and I have to give them kudos. This one is from Southwest Airlines, and it was simple and cool. … Continue reading

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The Problem With Process Management

When we first talk with people about applying process management, they often think rigid processes or bureaucracy. People also can show countless examples of process gone wrong. My friend Allan Hauge, Vistage Chair in St. Louis, tipped me off to … Continue reading

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Who Is Responsible For Customer Intimacy?

Trick question you say: Everyone in the company. Well maybe, but who is the driver responsible for making sure it happens. One can answer the CEO because he/she sets the tone and culture for the company as a whole. Ok, … Continue reading

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Lean Marketing

I first posted about this back in 2009. Unfortunately it is only getting worse. As with many useful approaches,┬áterms are co-opted by others and “basterdized.” This is what has happened to the term Lean Marketing. As I noted before, Lean … Continue reading

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Super Bowl 2015 Commentary

As I do each year, along with countless others, here’s my thinking on this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads. (I already posted on the two puppy ads.) There were lots of good ads this year as each year, so … Continue reading

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