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Too much, too late

As a follow-up to my Sears post, I thought you might find it amusing and sad that three days after reporting Sears to the Better Business Bureau regarding the stackable washer and dryer, a Sears regional executive “reviewed the file” … Continue reading

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Where do forecasts come from?

This was shared with me today, not sure of the original source, but I think the point is well made.   It was autumn and an indigenous tribal group asked their chief if the winter was going to be mild … Continue reading

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The man who sold hot dogs

Larry Moon, CEO of Sandstone Group in Milwaukee, WI shared this timely story with us recently. There once was a man who lived by the side of the road and sold hot dogs. In fact, he sold very good hot … Continue reading

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Cause and effect?

Circuit City filed for bankruptcy today. Economy related? Probably, but not exclusively. A while back Circuit City restructured their compensation plan for their sales people, effectively reducing the pay of their top people. This caused many of their top sales … Continue reading

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It’s about focus

Not to sound like a broken record, but companies that focus tend to do better than companies that do not. If for no other reason than because they can become great and relevant at something, which assuming that is something … Continue reading

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