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Some things are just better passive

In a recent Advertising Age article, “Five Reasons Consumers Won’t Tune in to Google TV,” Ellen Dundar discusses why she thinks Google TV won’t succeed. “As someone who has been working to bring interactive television and advanced advertising to the … Continue reading

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Why competition matters

The Associated Press (AP) reported on Monday that “Cable TV is trying harder for customers.” In the story they note that cable companies are being forced to address long time concerns of their customers including improper billing, lengthy waits for service, … Continue reading

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It only takes one person to start a movement, and other lessons

Tom Gross, from Barn Door Hardware, shared a very interesting video clip in his quarterly newsletter. After watching it several thoughts/lessons came to mind: It only takes one person to start a movement. This is a very visual way of … Continue reading

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Brand extensions I don’t get

Being a believer in Ries and Trout’s concepts from their landmark book, Positioning the Battle for Your Mind, I’m not a big fan of most brand extensions. That being said, some make even less sense to me than others. Back … Continue reading

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Headlines matter

I was reminded again today why headlines are so important in selling products and services. Your copy may be great, but your headline is what attracts attention. In today’s issue of USA Today, the headline reads: “Hurricane season may make … Continue reading

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Lose-lose negotiation

You may have wondered why much of the political process results in outcomes nobody really likes. Perhaps it’s because the process is based on compromise. What’s wrong with compromise you may ask? Let’s consider the definition of the word compromise: “a … Continue reading

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There’s lean and there’s stupid

We are big proponents of Lean Thinking (removing waste from all processes). Waste is defined as anything which does not add value for the customer. Many companies attempt to reduce work-in-process inventory to reduce costs and waste. This is good. … Continue reading

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I keep telling you focus matters

KFC (formerly Kentucky Fried Chicken) is the category leader in the fast food chicken category, and they are slipping. They have lost about 6 points of market share in the last five years. Who’s coming on strong? Focused, differentiated competitors like … Continue reading

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Who says automated answering systems can’t be great

We all have experiences calling into companies and getting an “auto-answer” system that sucks. Many of us long for the “good old days” when you got a live human-being that was nice to talk with and useful. Those days are … Continue reading

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If you get the product right, you’re most of the way there…

Several years ago pundits credited McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” advertising campaign with the turnaround that McDonald’s experienced at that time. I’m pretty sure their CMO at the time was happy to accept that accolade. Less well reported was that coincident with that new … Continue reading

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