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The lesson of Microsoft for almost everyone

I recently ran across a young singer in Poland with my last name (actually Mroz is a fairly common name in Poland): Urszula Mroz.  What amazed me as I watched her YouTube video was that she was singing, for a … Continue reading

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Why your business should look like my pit bull

I posted a little while ago about the pit bull we adopted after hurricane Katrina.  When I look at him he sometimes seems homely and sometimes handsome, but I always think of him as “my beautiful boy” because he is … Continue reading

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Eat your children, or: all processes properly contain the seeds of their own change

I was looking on YouTube recently for clips of Cheri Knight, a friend who was a well-regarded musician in a former career.  In so doing I came across the clips of a new singer, Selena Gomez.  As I was listening … Continue reading

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The 12 Days of Christmas

Every year a wealth management firm “prices” the items on the 12 Days of Christmas list. The cost this year for those items is up 11% over last year. Further evidence that the wealthy are back able to buy, per … Continue reading

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The recession has returned to normal

The recession which started at the end of 2008 was different from almost all earlier downturns in that consumers at all income levels cut back spending dramatically. Both high-end stores and mid-range stores lost sales, while the low-end held up for the most part. … Continue reading

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Earmarks, Art Centers, and Employee Loyalty

The big subject this week in Washington is earmarks: to ban them or not.  The proponents of continuing them, IMO, don’t “get” their real significance.  To wit: taxpayers can legitimately ask “how dare you cut essential programs while there’s so … Continue reading

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When not to hire people like you

I was talking with a neurologist recently and the conversation turned to another neurologist.  “I don’t understand why Dr. “X” went into sleep medicine,” the first neurologist said,”He’s one of the best neurologists I know and he must be bored … Continue reading

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“Undesirable” niches can hold gold

After our beloved German Shepherd died we adopted a displaced pit bull from hurricane Katrina.  Both breeds are tragically on the verboten list of many thoughtless insurers.  But our carrier, Commerce, saw that their less astute competitors were handing them … Continue reading

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Tagless t-shirts and willfull ignorance

One of the greatest innovations, in my daily life at least, is the tagless t-shirt.  For decades every time I bought a new shirt or t-shirt, I took out a pair of scissors and cut the tag on the inside … Continue reading

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It’s about effectiveness

A few days ago I posted about the rise of the 15 second TV commercial. Yesterday Ralph mentioned that his wife (the smart one in the family) noted that it’s about connecting and emotion.  The announcement yesterday of the winner of the … Continue reading

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