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Doing what matters

A recent Advertising Age article apparently raised a ruckus because it had the audacity to state that a vast majority of marketers set their budgets based on historical spending and gut instinct and not ROI. Is this really shocking? Not to me. While there is … Continue reading

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Is your price too low?

Pricing strategies are a challenge … especially in today’s hyper-competitive and transparent marketplace. Using price to induce trial is a subset of an overall pricing strategy. Many people believe that you can make an “offer they can’t refuse” to induce … Continue reading

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One if by land, two if by sea … risk and instability

We love it when Boston Consulting Group agrees with us. For over ten years we have told anyone who would listen that today’s market was no longer a stable reference from which to deduce product/market strategy, and that frenetic change was making it … Continue reading

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It’s about process

Found this quote in the Harvard Business Review, November 2011, from Michael Gammage, VP of Product Marketing at Nimbus Partners: “Far too many organizations can’t do joined-up thinking across the enterprise. I see only one universal language that can facilitate this … Continue reading

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