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How Do You Know If It Is Good Enough?

I found a good article in Entrepreneur Magazine discussing the frustrations of perfection vs good enough. As the title states, the author provides two questions she feels you should ask to help you know when good enough really is. Her … Continue reading

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Back to the Future in Retail

As you may know, Amazon is moving more and more into brick and mortar. They are opening book stores, while others are closing. They bought Whole Foods, which may soon no longer be referred to as “whole paycheck,” and they … Continue reading

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Maybe It Isn’t Slipping Away, It’s Being Pushed Away?

Yesterday I posted about a recent (current) experience with the once great company, FedEx. Turns out some of what I reported yesterday was wrong, which only makes things worse. The package was not sitting in Sacramento for 2+ days without … Continue reading

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When Greatness Slips Away

FedEx used to be a great company. When it absolutely, positively had to be there overnight… And if you wanted to know what was going on with your package, great people were there to help. Now they seem to be … Continue reading

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Language and Its Application

I was flying last week (oh there‚Äôs a news flash) and on my flight back from Atlanta we were delayed from leaving the gate for several preventable reasons. After being 20 minutes late with no explanation, (One wonders if the … Continue reading

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