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Are You Focused on the Wrong Things?

A recent article in Advertising Age touted how CMOs should go about making sure their companies are “customer-obsessed.” Sounded good to me. Early on the author posited this question: “Marketers are predisposed to think about the market first. So why … Continue reading

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B2Me Has Finally Arrived

Ever since Peppers and Rogers postulated The One to One Future, marketers have tried to find cost-effective ways to deliver on the promise. I think it surprises many at how long it has taken while still not being pervasive. And … Continue reading

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What’s Really Wrong With McDonald’s

Much is being written about the so-called McDonald’s turnaround (the current one). Pundits chime in regularly as to what they need to do. Much is being made of “menu creep.” The belief is┬áthe menu has grown to the point where … Continue reading

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If At First You Don’t Succeed…

…Try, try again. But doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. So, if you are going to try, try again, at least try something different. Which brings me to Pepsi. … Continue reading

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Packaging Matters

There are many examples of primary packaging costs that exceed the cost of their content. In my book, The Secret To Selling More, I noted that AriZona Tea’s cans cost more than the content of the can. Coke developed plastic … Continue reading

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Should the CFO Run Marketing?

Since Twitter put their CFO in charge of marketing this has been a hot topic. Some said it made sense, others said no way. Part of the issue is “what is marketing?” In a post last week, I noted┬áthis is … Continue reading

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Why Promote What You Can’t Deliver?

Seems a valid question, and yet I see examples of it all the time. Maybe the people who are being pushed to promote something are unaware it’s not really available. Maybe what they are promoting is highly profitable, but if … Continue reading

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How Does This Happen? What Is Marketing?

I keep being amazed at what CEOs of large companies get conned into by their so-called “marketing departments.” (Well and smaller companies too for that matter.) There is a big “to do” going on over the fact that Twitter has … Continue reading

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How Long Can This Business Model Last?

I am not an avid Uber user, but I do use them from time to time and find the service quite good. The fact that it is less expensive than a taxi (usually) is an added benefit, until you stop … Continue reading

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