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The More Things Change…

My mom used to tell me that “back in her day” when she went shopping in a department store, the sales clerks brought you your clothes to try on in the dressing room, and if you needed a different size … Continue reading

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Think Like A Customer … Apparently It’s Even Harder To Do Than We Thought

I believe the critical skill required of any good marketer is the ability to think like a customer, as opposed to hoping the customer thinks like them. Many other experts also stress the need to think like a customer. While … Continue reading

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Be Different And Be Clear About It

Saw this store in Vaughn Mills, Ontario, Canada. Pretty clear what their value proposition/differentiation is. Or as we like to say: What you can buy from them you can’t buy from anyone else. And by the way the acronym NYDJ … Continue reading

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Which Is Best: Oil Or Water

How about neither? Tuna packed in oil or Tuna packed in water, which is better and how do they differentiate? Many now think water is best, but then if your product is packed in water, like all the others, how … Continue reading

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