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Don’t forget indirect competitors

We all learn in Marketing 101 that competition can be direct or indirect. Most companies focus almost exclusively on direct competitors until they have to wake up to their indirect competitors … usually late. The beer industry is there now. … Continue reading

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Wow … huh?

I left the lights on overnight in my rental car last week. Not too smart. Fortunately the Marriott Hotel where I was staying had jumper cables and a shuttle van to use to jump me, so I was up and … Continue reading

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How Does Apple Succeed Tomorrow?

Much has been written by others about the challenge Apple faces in “replacing” Steve Jobs. Those pundits miss the key challenge for Apple. It is not about the brand or the personality; it’s about the innovation archetype Apple is built on, … Continue reading

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Coupons don’t work … even if Groupon delivers them for you

Discount coupons attract current customers (who now pay less) and price shoppers/switchers. Whether they are FSIs or Groupons they still produce the same result: the coupon distributor makes money, the retailer or product/service provider of the discount, hoping to induce trial to … Continue reading

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Excellent use of YouTube

Many people think of YouTube as a source for viral videos. But when a video by grandparents they did not even know they were creating while trying to set up a webcam, can get 8 million hits, viral may be in … Continue reading

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