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Just what the cool kids must have … at $20K

LG announced their new Cedia HD TV with 4x the resolution of a standard HD TV. The fact there is no media whatsoever which you can access to take advantage of this 84″ marvel has not stopped LG from putting it on sale … Continue reading

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From cool to drone

How do users of  the hottest, coolest, edgy trend become tomorrow’s drones? When does your product position move from one the “cool kids” use to ones the drones use? We’ve seen this happen in fashion and in technology products to … Continue reading

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The lesson of Microsoft for almost everyone

I recently ran across a young singer in Poland with my last name (actually Mroz is a fairly common name in Poland): Urszula Mroz.  What amazed me as I watched her YouTube video was that she was singing, for a … Continue reading

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One more time, everyone does not want to be a pioneer

I read a couple of interesting articles about FourSquare recently. For the 96% of you who don’t use it (Forrester Research indicates only 4% of online adults use the service), it is a location-based service that helps you find what you … Continue reading

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Old habits …

Many a company, including ones I have been involved with, is taken by surprise at how slowly human beings often take to change behaviors. Lots of hype has been written about watching videos on the web and how many views YouTube … Continue reading

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Christopher Columbus and the First Mover Advantage

It’s the Columbus Day holiday here in the U.S. and it got me thinking about the “first mover advantage” myth. We posted back in 2007 about the first mover advantage myth and have spoken about it to our audiences. Christopher Columbus … Continue reading

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Following up on obstacles to making sales

In January we blogged about Hyundai America’s buyer assurance plan. We noted in that post that we loved the idea and that time would tell if it worked. On February 17th, we notedthat JetBlue had picked up on the idea. … Continue reading

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