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Forget page views…

in fact, forget about a lot of what you now measure. I was recently talking to the chief editor of one of the leading portals for an industry.  He said that his management was concerned that their page views were … Continue reading

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CEOs, actors, sports stars and pay for performance

CEO pay in the U.S. is out of control, by some people’s definition. It far exceeds the 10x factor that some practitioners claim is reasonable for CEOs to make vs the lowest paid employee in the company. CEOs and management in … Continue reading

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Trade Show Marketing 101

I don’t get to a lot of trade shows anymore (I guess good for me), and I had the opportunity to attend the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas last week. This is a very large show. So, … Continue reading

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Win-win or win-lose, which is it?

Hulu recently announced they would only charge advertisers for video ads that people watched to completion instead for all who watch any part of the ad. On the surface this seems like a win for advertisers. It’s also a win for Hulu … Continue reading

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“Customer centric” is still mostly baloney

For all the talk of “putting the customer first” these days, many, if not most, companies really don’t. (Actually, the right priorities for any company are the ones delineated by Bill Hewlett- the founder of Hewlett and Packard.  They are: … Continue reading

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Brand extension

DieHard is looking to enter the non-automotive battery market. Specifically alkaline batteries. They launched an ad campaign on April 1, which was not a joke, to try to move more aggressively into alkaline batteries with a specific goal to overtake Rayovac in … Continue reading

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Okay, this right-brained stuff can be profitable (says the engineer)

I’m an engineer by training, and so is Mitch.  We tend to have left-brained approaches — at least initially — to problems.  While we like to think that we can be reasonably creative (everything’s relative), we definitely appreciate and encourage … Continue reading

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