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Great idea, poor execution

Ralph posted last week about a big company’s poor execution on what appears to be a razor/blade marketing strategy. Mine’s a bit different. People who know me know that I love ice cream (almost all desserts really), and I am … Continue reading

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Do you suffer from orgasnizational ADD?

I ran across two very interesting young guys the other week, both of whom drilled home a perennial business lesson: focus! In a parallel life I was a police firearms instructor, and I still follow the field a bit.  One … Continue reading

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Are you giving away enough?

At the grocery store today, I noticed an end cap with nylon first-aid kit bags.  The paperback-sized pouches were red, with a cross on them, and the manufacturers name: Johnson & Johnson.  The display was a little confusing so I … Continue reading

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Building a Personal Brand

Dave Clark has clearly built a personal brand. Check out his real estate sign. No where on this sign can you discover he is a Caldwell Banker agent. He does not need their brand to support his business. He may … Continue reading

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Headlines Can Communicate or Miscommunicate

The headline in this ad is very clear: Some consulting firms just write reports; others deliver value. However, it is unclear which this firm is, and based on the existing impression of many, PWC may be in the former group … Continue reading

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17 Ways to Be More Persuasive … Really

Many of you may be familiar with Robert Cialdini’s work on persuasion. If you are ready for more, well researched persuasion techniques, this article has 17 killer ideas. Mitch

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Who Says Lawyers Can’t Promise Results?

As many readers know, I’m a big fan of understanding What your customer is trying to buy from you and focusing on that as your brand, product or company promise. My book, The Secret to Selling More, is all about … Continue reading

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What is Lean Advertising?

Advertising Age published an interesting set of findings from The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) about a significant shift to more use of in-house advertising from outside agency usage. The title of the article “Leaner Ad Budgets Mean …” got … Continue reading

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Innovation in…bras!

Innovation is, of course, a necessary competence for any successful organization.  We usually think of it as being centered around new technologies, but it can have new ways of doing things in distribution, selling, or any other business area, as … Continue reading

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