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How To Sabotage Your Organization

Robert Heinlein wrote “Every generation thinks that it invented sex.”  But, truth be told, there’s nothing new under the sun … at least with regard to human behavior.  In case you think that everything that frustrates you about your organization’s … Continue reading

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The Real Reason For The Demise of Print Media

Along with others, I have been watching the continual demise of the American newspaper. Over time, advertisers have put QR codes and other links into print media to try to measure results. Not perfect, but helpful. Then the issue becomes … Continue reading

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A Brief Review of Deming’s 14 Points of Management

I as I noted last week, I was going through our archives and I found this review of Deming’s 14 points of management that Neil Reckon from out team put together a while back. These 14 points are from Deming’s … Continue reading

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The Principles of Competitive Advantage

We believe you can understand competitive advantage, and how to achieve it (or cede it) in four simple statements: Competitive advantage goes to the risk takers … to those who pioneer new management techniques/approaches. That can include new processes, new … Continue reading

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Gaining Competitive Advantage With Your Business Model

As I have written about before, companies can gain advantage from their business model. Consider some popular examples: It starting as a bookstore and now is a global online “department store” that delivers. As competitors look to keep up, Amazon … Continue reading

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Why You Need To Be #1 or #2

GE has a mantra that they intend to be #1 or #2 in any market they serve, and if they can’t they will exit the market. In my first book on Marketing, It’s Not Rocket Science: Using Marketing to Build … Continue reading

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Confusing Motion With Progress

My older son, who works for a Fortune 200 company, mentioned this morning that his company was going through yet another reorganization to improve results, or efficiency … or something. I remember telling my dad the same story, and I … Continue reading

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