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Own a Position

Many companies make wine glasses. A quick search of Amazon finds thousands of results. Most, like in any category, are apparent commodities and are priced accordingly. And then there is Riedel. Ranging from about $25/glass to well over $100/glass, Riedel … Continue reading

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Strategic Execution: Getting The Right Things Done

In his book, The 8th Habit, Steven Covey notes that only about 33% of employees know where the company is going (or at least trying to go); 22% can connect the dots between their goals and the company’s goals; and … Continue reading

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Marketing Operations: Foundational or Supportive?

My friend Gary Katz, posed the question that is the title of this post recently. He then posited this answer: Marketing’s foundation comes from understanding your target market, how they buy and matching how they buy with your solutions, messaging … Continue reading

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Compromise Is Not Win-Win; And Split The Difference Isn’t “Fair”

Compromise is not a win-win, it is in fact a lose-lose. You give up something you want in exchange for the other side giving up something they want. Often compromise is necessary at the end of a negotiation to make a … Continue reading

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Where’s The Disruption Opportunity Really?

Philip Kotler, recognized Marketing Guru and Professor, said, “…most of the impact of marketing is felt before the product is produced, not after.” And yet almost everything we read about today is tactics for improving what Marketing does after the … Continue reading

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