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The role of Marketing in business

Most people’s view of Marketing is limited to advertising and related constructs. Seth Godin in a recent blog post reminds us of that. He also presents a visual construct and recommendation for solving Marketing problems. I agree with his construct. However, … Continue reading

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Find a way to stand out in the crowd

My friend, Eric Chester, who is an expert on work ethic and Gen Y, posted a great example of standing out in the crowd, as well as data to prove its worth in a recent post. Are you smarter than … Continue reading

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It’s still a recession

While the official prognosticators declared the recession over quite some time ago, yesterday’s retail report confirms for me we are still in a recession. While the great recession of 2009 hammered the high-end as well as the middle retailer, most recessions … Continue reading

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Targeting is critical

My eyes were opened to the brilliance of the “Nigerian email scam” by my friend Ian Percy via a post in SpeakerNet News. I have known for many years that this scam collects close to $1B annually from people who choose to believe, … Continue reading

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