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Connecting the dots

Here in the U.S. the news over the last few days has been dominated by the attempted bombing of the Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. That got me thinking about how this might correlate to marketing or sales … Continue reading

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Similar pricing strategies disguised

Northwest Airlines implemented a premium pricing strategy for Coach seats by charging a fee (up to $25) for the more preferred Coach seats except for their most frequent flyers who get them for free. When first implemented, this fee was … Continue reading

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Wasting money on advertising

There is a very old quote, often attributed to John Wanamaker, that most of you have probably heard at one time: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, and if I knew which half, I would quit spending … Continue reading

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Radio interview

I was interviewed on radio about Lean Thinking for 30 minutes last week. You can listen if you like. This link should open with your default mp3 player. Mitch

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Selling is disgusting

Those who have heard me speak know I have stated that most people believe that selling is not something they want to have to do as part of their job. In truth many of them feel that selling is disgusting. An … Continue reading

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BP Trends publishes us

BP Trends featured and published our article on Process As Art. If you haven’t read it, you can download it free from their site. Mitch

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You CAN raise prices in a recession

Talked to my local used car dealer today.  He reports that you simply can’t find used cars to sell for less than $5000 these days.  He even says that he’s selling cars for $5000-$6000 now that before the recession he’d … Continue reading

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We don’t need no stinking brand equity!

Safariland, a major player in the law enforcement market, and a maker of holsters and soft (concealable) body armor, recently bought a host of companies and associated brands that were owned by BAE Systems (formally British Aerospace).  These purchased brands … Continue reading

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What is Marketing?

Marketing is the most undefined word in business precisely because it has so many definitions, and too many business people and academics do not agree on the definition to use. For most people it is about the “back-end” of marketing, or the … Continue reading

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Nothing yet…

I feel like Glen Beck. Well maybe not as infamous or well-known, but similar in a way. Glen has kept a phone on his desk waiting for a call from the White House to discuss something he suggested they were … Continue reading

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