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Why Brand Awareness Is A Misleading Metric

This example is political, but it’s not about politics. Many mainstream political experts  dismissed Donald Trump early on because he had a 99% awareness rating and a very high unfavorable rating in the polls. For example, back in May of … Continue reading

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If You Can’t Fix It, Feature It

A while back, Roy Fields, a Corporate Vice President for Teledyne, said those words to me. Over the years, I have decided it was one of the great pieces of advice and “lines” I have ever received. Turns our Buick … Continue reading

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A Point In Every Direction Is The Same As No Point At All

The headline for this post is the famous line from the Pointless Man in Harry Nilsson‘s classic made-for-TV movie, The Point, circa 1972. Many brands forget this warning in their attempt to stand for everything they can imagine some customer … Continue reading

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Brand re-positioning: difficult if not impossible

Repositioning a brand can be all but impossible, especially for a decades old, entrenched brand that has become a verb as has Xerox. However, the company has needed to expand beyond its position in copiers for many years to achieve … Continue reading

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Men are not buffoons, or maybe they are?

In 2010 I named Dove for Men the oxymoron ad of the Super Bowl. I just don’t get the idea that you can take a brand (Dove) that has spent a fortune positioning itself as a women’s beauty product and … Continue reading

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Lessons in Brand Positioning

An article yesterday in Advertising Age reflects on what Marketer’s can learn from the election campaign tactics. The article astutely discusses pro-active things marketing communications experts can do to deliver their message in today’s multi-channel universe. However, the article does not … Continue reading

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Avis redefined … why?

Avis hired a new CMO about a year ago. As many CMOs are apt to do, she is re-branding the company. Gone is the 50 year positioning of “We Try Harder.” When asked why, she responded, “Consumer-centric brands must always evolve in order … Continue reading

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A major travel brand’s good and bad…

I’m staying at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas for the first time. Interesting dichotomy. I’m in one of their “classic rooms.” Read: original, not upgraded to the modern era. Sometimes a brand has to realize that their offering, even at … Continue reading

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Brand extensions I don’t get

Being a believer in Ries and Trout’s concepts from their landmark book, Positioning the Battle for Your Mind, I’m not a big fan of most brand extensions. That being said, some make even less sense to me than others. Back … Continue reading

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Is Buick focused or confused?

To be fair, Buick is in transition as a retained brand for the “new” General Motors, but… I was hanging around the Buick dealer today because it used to be a Pontiac, Buick, GMC dealer (well actually it also had … Continue reading

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