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A 6-Step Plan For Increased Competitive Advantage

If you a running a competitive business these days, you already have world-class operations (if you didn’t, you’d be out of business or on the short path there to.) That is, you have already applied process technology and process management … Continue reading

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Creating A Great Customer Experience

In most companies (e-commerce only partially excluded), your people make a huge difference in the customer’s experience. They can move it from good to great or from bad to worse, at least. Numerous studies have shown that how your company … Continue reading

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Does It Matter If The Playing Field Is Level?

This ad triggered a memory of something I had seen in Fast Company back in 1998. We even wrote a brief article about the concept of the level playing field in our company newsletter back then. In the February/March 1998 … Continue reading

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How Do You Eat An Elephant?

Most people know the answer to that age-old question is “one slice/piece/bite at a time.” How do you attack an intrenched, big competitor? Same way. In the 1960s Crest became the defacto cavity fighting toothpaste due to their unique acquisition … Continue reading

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Critical success factors

Many planning frameworks (ours too) include the construct of critical success factors. Simply stated, critical success factors are those actions/factors which are necessary and sufficient to achieve the results anticipated by the plan. The key is necessary (do you really need to … Continue reading

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Why your business should look like my pit bull

I posted a little while ago about the pit bull we adopted after hurricane Katrina.  When I look at him he sometimes seems homely and sometimes handsome, but I always think of him as “my beautiful boy” because he is … Continue reading

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What do CEOs want?

Business Week online posted an article on May 18 purporting to discuss “what CEOs want.” The article was written by Frank Kern a Sr. VP for IBM Global Services reporting on a study done by IBM. Remembering my recent post … Continue reading

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