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In ‘N Out vs McDonald’s

I have posted before about the differences between In ‘N Out and McDonald’s. Just last week one of the Principals in our company, Neil Reckon, noted a process example difference between the two companies I have seen but never thought about … Continue reading

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Make Doing the Wrong Thing Hard … Another Example

I posted on this topic last year for the first time. I found another great example recently. But first a reminder. To help prevent errors, a construct translated as “make doing  the wrong thing hard” has been around informally for … Continue reading

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The Problem With Process Management

When we first talk with people about applying process management, they often think rigid processes or bureaucracy. People also can show countless examples of process gone wrong. My friend Allan Hauge, Vistage Chair in St. Louis, tipped me off to … Continue reading

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It’s About Optimizing Outcomes Not Touchpoints

The Harvard Business Review often publishes insightful, leading edge articles, but over the last few years they have published a few articles suggesting a complete lack of understanding of process, or a belief their readers know little. The latest example … Continue reading

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One if by land, two if by sea … risk and instability

We love it when Boston Consulting Group agrees with us. For over ten years we have told anyone who would listen that today’s market was no longer a stable reference from which to deduce product/market strategy, and that frenetic change was making it … Continue reading

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It’s about process

Found this quote in the Harvard Business Review, November 2011, from Michael Gammage, VP of Product Marketing at Nimbus Partners: “Far too many organizations can’t do joined-up thinking across the enterprise. I see only one universal language that can facilitate this … Continue reading

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There are no advanced management techniques

In almost any activity in which the stakes are high and the cost of failure immediately imposed — such as military operations and professional sports — there is a saying: “There are no advanced techniques, only the basics done to … Continue reading

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