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Suddenly Chief Marketing Officer is Not the Right Title

A recent article in Advertising Age, “Don’t Call Me CMO: Top Marketers Say Job Has Evolved Beyond Title” reflects the sad state of the profession. The topic of the job title came up at a recent ANA conference. Comments included … Continue reading

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Will They Exist After the Holiday Season?

I have not posted about J.C. Penny in a while, and thought I should as I believe their time is coming to an end. I won’t rehash my earlier posts here, you can search them easily within this blog. Suffice … Continue reading

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Marketing vs Marketing Communications

Ralph and I are often frustrated by the confusion most people have between marketing communications and Marketing. Too many people believe they are effectively the same thing. This is further compounded by the fact that many CMOs are really just CMCOs. … Continue reading

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The role of Marketing in business

Most people’s view of Marketing is limited to advertising and related constructs. Seth Godin in a recent blog post reminds us of that. He also presents a visual construct and recommendation for solving Marketing problems. I agree with his construct. However, … Continue reading

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How did it get so wrong?

Too many CMOs are really just CMCOs (Chief Marketing Communications Officers). This point was driven home … again … in listening to many of the speakers at the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference. The breakthrough thinking at this year’s conference, which Ad Age, among other … Continue reading

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The power of social media

There is no question that social media of various flavors can be a useful tool for marketers. But it for sure makes lots of money for the social media platforms. The more users of Facebook, YouTube, et al, the more … Continue reading

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It’s always been about results

According to a recent article, Meredith Guarantees Top Advertisers Sales Gains, the print media (or at least some of it) may finally get that is has always been about results. For many decades, print media has been able to offer … Continue reading

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Social media is a tactic not a strategy

What’s your social media strategy is the wrong question. The right question is whether and how to use social media tactics to help you grow. Companies grow from: Creating new customers Increasing share of customer or share of wallet Retaining more … Continue reading

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When in doubt, increase your advertising

Back in February I posted about the auto insurance industry and their focus on price. Apparently the “waste” I discussed in that article has been transferred to the advertising industry. Over $4B/year is spent on advertising by this industry. And this is over … Continue reading

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How Marketing can ruin your business

I have posted about the concept employed by too many senior marketing execs: Rebrand, Relaunch and Resign. In a truly great article by Al Ries he demonstrates how marketing run amuck can not only be a poor investment, it can … Continue reading

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