What’s in a Name? Maybe everything.

vegasstripsteakConsider the Vegas Strip Steak. Cows have been cut up and sold as meat for a very long time. Some parts of the cow are more valuable than others. Steaks vs shoulder, vs rump, vs ground beef as simple examples. Finding ways to increase the value of more of the meat increases the profits to cattlemen. Meat scientists look for ways to do that. Apparently, they have looked to find “tender pads of flesh” under the shoulder blades. This resulted in a new “steak” that sells for about $6/lb, or more than double its value as “hamburger.”

That’s all fine and good, but how do you get people to want to buy shoulder-blade steak? Simple, its name is brilliant: Vegas Strip Steak. Like NY Strip, only different. While the meat scientists are excited to find useful “steaks,” and I commend them for that, the name is the “deal maker.” Obviously the steak has to be good, but that alone won’t generate traction. But come on a Vegas Strip Steak. Gotta try that, even if it “stays in Vegas.”


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