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One Directional Conversations in a Two-Way World

Any observer of customer relationship management today can easily see we now live in a two-way world. Brands and companies no longer control the conversation or message delivered about them to the marketplace. Sharp companies have dedicated people monitoring social … Continue reading

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The Danger of Automated Processes

In an effort to increase efficiency, many companies are automating customer experience processes; resulting in unintended problems with effectiveness. I experienced this first hand recently with the Ford Motor Company. I’ve been a fan of Ford since they didn’t take … Continue reading

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What Is Customer Loyalty About?

Apparently the 12th Annual Accenture Customer Loyalty Survey found consumers/customers are less loyal today despite billions of dollars spent on loyalty by companies. How does that happen? Maybe because, as is often the case, most companies are spending on the … Continue reading

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Improving Customer Experience

I rarely check luggage so my recent experience may be old news for some of you. It may also not be limited to Delta Airlines, but then again, maybe they are pioneering a valuable customer experience. I criticize the airlines … Continue reading

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Differentiation By Customer Experience

You can’t out Walmart Walmart. You can’t out Amazon Amazon. And most retailers have to contend with one or both of them, or their equivalents. They may be direct competitors or indirect competitors. If you want to successfully compete with … Continue reading

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Customer Experience and Process Management: A Dichotomy?

We find ourselves at Customer Manufacturing Group at the intersection of two trends that are finally becoming mainstream conversations: customer experience and process management. As we discuss these topics with people, we notice their concern that the two may be … Continue reading

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Customer-Centricity Is More Than Promotional Hype

A lot is written about the importance of customer-centricity and customer experience. Research by Watermark Consulting shows that companies that provide better customer experience create a better total stock market return that the S&P 500 and customer experience laggards. Thus … Continue reading

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