Does It Matter If The Playing Field Is Level?

levelplayingfieldVanderbiltThis ad triggered a memory of something I had seen in Fast Company back in 1998. We even wrote a brief article about the concept of the level playing field in our company newsletter back then.

In the February/March 1998 issue of Fast Company, they wrote an article as part of their “Consultant Debunking Unit” about the so-called level playing field myth. The issue was whether: “The fairest, best way to play any competitive game is on a level playing field.”

The short answer is no. And for more, you can read the article, it’s not long. Follow-up letters to Fast Company back then also pointed out that grounds-keepers actually modify the “cut” of the grass on a baseball field to give the home team an advantage based on their hitting style.

Apparently the folks at Vanderbilt are smart enough to know that you really don’t want a level playing field.

Trust you had a great Thanksgiving.


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