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A Brief Review of Deming’s 14 Points of Management

I as I noted last week, I was going through our archives and I found this review of Deming’s 14 points of management that Neil Reckon from out team put together a while back. These 14 points are from Deming’s … Continue reading

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Your People Are Not Usually The Real Problem

Most companies when faced with a need to grow revenue ultimately end up deciding to change people. They may change certain sales people, or they may try to hire a superstar from another company, or they may just change the … Continue reading

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Is MBO dead? Or just the most useful management tool?

Management-by-Objectives (MBO).  All the trendy people say it’s old-hat, fuddy-duddy, a decades-old fad, and just downright useless.  Deming even said it was dangerous. Deming said a lot of really smart things, but he was a human, too.  And one with … Continue reading

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