Language Matters and Other Matters

The medical clinic we use, which is quite large, has been on an alleged customer-centric focus for several years. The employees are supposedly measured on customer satisfaction, though they have no idea how it is measured or really how they affect it. Mismanagement 101.

We have a co-pay when one of us needs to see a doctor at the clinic, except when we don’t. Who knows how it works. When they ask us for the co-pay we pay it. When they don’t we don’t.

Recently we got a check in the mail from them for a co-pay refund. The language accompanying the check was enlightening. The letter stated that we had overpaid our co-pay and they were sending us a check. Our mistake, they were fixing it.

The reality is, we make a co-payment when asked for one. So, accurately, the letter should have stated they mistakenly charged a co-pay, which they were sorry to have done and were now refunding the money. Language matters, especially if you are allegedly customer-centric.

Merry Christmas,


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