Showrooming Update

bestbuylogoBack in October I posted about Best Buy’s strategy to turn show-rooming to its advantage. Time for an update. While it is too soon to tell how it actually worked because revenue numbers won’t be reported for a while, according to an article in Advertising Age, there have been some apparent positives and missed opportunities.

The article notes consumers’ reaction to the advertising campaign via social media feedback. They also attempt to impute conversion from social media feedback. Both are in-exact sciences. Things it  suggested “Best Buy could do include making the stores more of a playground destination with fun in-store events, group discounts, and refer-a-friend programs.

The most telling comment came at the end of the article: “It’s all about [shopper buying] conversion at the end of the day. We never thought showrooming was necessarily a bad thing. That means there’s a chance to convert [shoppers]. It sounds like Best Buy is doing that.”

Strategic judo.


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