Why Did This Take 80 Years?

batch19Prohibition in the US ended 80 years ago today. I didn’t know that and I have never met anyone who did. It’s also my wife’s birthday, and she didn’t know it either. However, she now has another reason to have a drink on her birthday. Anyway, it got me thinking why nobody in the liquor business has ever built a campaign around the date until this year, when MillerCoors is doing so with their Batch 19 Brand.

Their goal appears to be to own the day and the concept. Their tag line is brilliant: “Celebrate Repeal Day, Because Without It You’d Be Drinking Swill.” While they created a product focused on pre-Prohibition style beer, anybody in the business could have capitalized on this day for the last 80 years. And yet they did not.

Sometimes great promotional ideas are sitting right in front of you.


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