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Compromise Is Not Win-Win; And Split The Difference Isn’t “Fair”

Compromise is not a win-win, it is in fact a lose-lose. You give up something you want in exchange for the other side giving up something they want. Often compromise is necessary at the end of a┬ánegotiation to make a … Continue reading

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Language and negotiation

Occasionally we delve into politics in this blog, but not often. Today is one of those days because there are lessons, regardless of your political leanings. First the marketing lesson. The media and many of the politicians are using the … Continue reading

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Lose-lose negotiation

You may have wondered why much of the political process results in outcomes nobody really likes. Perhaps it’s because the process is based on┬ácompromise. What’s wrong with compromise you may ask? Let’s consider the definition of the word compromise: “a … Continue reading

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11 Secrets to Marketing in a Down Economy (Part 7)

A year ago we published a paper on marketing in a down economy. We identified 11 key tactics. I am sharing them in this blog over the next few weeks, but if you want them all at once you can … Continue reading

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It’s about the process

We teach negotiation to business people and I was reminded again today that one of the key aspects of successful negotiation that too many of us forget is that negotiation is a process. If one side or the other feels … Continue reading

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