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United to Become More Customer Centric … Sure

United Airlines had its first ever global media event last week to kick off a “new United.” The CEO wants the media to start asking what’s next instead of what’s wrong. Maybe. According to the Chicago Business Journal, a group … Continue reading

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Customer-Centricity Is A Mindset

As long time readers know, I fly a lot. Lots of flights, lots of gate agents, flight attendants, etc. Some good, some great, some who need to consider another career. However, I heard something shocking recently on a Southwest Airlines … Continue reading

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Thinking outside the box by focusing on the outcome

Children find solutions to problems by not being constrained by what they believe are the boundary conditions to a solution. Innovators are often people who see solutions by looking elsewhere. We call that “out of the box thinking.” Big ideas … Continue reading

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What outcome are you trying to produce?

A well written post on the Lean CEO blog recently looked at the propensity of airlines to pad their schedules. The writer notes that this is a classic “inventory” solution to ineffective processes and a failure to apply lean thinking correctly. I … Continue reading

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Focus and waste

In previous posts we have discussed the power of focus. We have also mentioned the need to eliminate all costs that don’t add value for your customers (Lean Thinking). Yesterday I saw a great example of both that I wanted to … Continue reading

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Metrics: Gaining alignment on what matters

I was reminded again that what gets measured gets managed and if you don’t have metrics alignment within your team, you can end up at cross purposes. In the airline industry, gate agents are measured against on-time performance. I am … Continue reading

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Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

I witnessed something tonight that I wish was surprising or shocking. Unfortunately it wasn’t. I was sitting on my American Airlines flight from Dallas to New Orleans as they closed the cabin door a few minutes early. Nice, because that … Continue reading

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