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Another money maker for a branding agency

Apparently Hyundai is aiming to move the brand to a new position of “modern premium.” That would be a phrase their agency made up. The problem is that they also want to keep making a wide range of vehicles from low-cost to … Continue reading

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Who’s this one for?

I an a fan of Hyundai‘s innovative marketing and have posted before about their consumer-focused ideas. Their breakthrough program that if you got laid off you could return your car with no further obligation lead to a 28% increase in sales when most … Continue reading

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Following up

We continue to be impressed with Hyundai and their innovations in products and marketing. In a post a couple of years ago (you remember when the world was coming to an end), we talked about Hyundai’s innovative programs to help people … Continue reading

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Overcoming obstacles in this economy

As we noted in a January post, Hyundai USA created a program to overcome new car sales resistance, which they perceived was caused by fear of the customer losing their job. The Hyundai Assurance program worked well for them and … Continue reading

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Following up on obstacles to making sales

In January we blogged about Hyundai America’s buyer assurance plan. We noted in that post that we loved the idea and that time would tell if it worked. On February 17th, we notedthat JetBlue had picked up on the idea. … Continue reading

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Is this a trend?

In a previous post, I discussed the Hyundai America plan to allow car buyers who were laid off within a year of buying their car to return it and have their loan balance cancelled with no ding to their credit … Continue reading

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Comments on the Super Bowl Ads

Like most marketing “experts,” I comment on Super Bowl ads every year. This year is no exception. Things I noticed this year: There is no real consensus among pundits as to the “best” ad Most everyone feels that the ad … Continue reading

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