A sales guy who gets it

In our office park, we are visited almost daily by cold calling sales people who stop in to see if we might be in the market for whatever they are offering. We usually are not, but they are overly persistent and usually spend way too much time in our office for any return they are going to get.

A refreshing change occurred earlier this week. A young sales person dropped in to sell us shipping services. He asked if we used Fed Ex or UPS to which we said yes. I told him our office manager was out, but he could take his card and check back with him. Rather than do that, he asked me a qualifying question: Do we ship every day? I said not even close. He then replied that he would not waste anyone’s time since they would not be a fit for us.

Fantastic. A sales guy who knows WHO to target and may even know WHAT (not sure on that since I didn’t talk with him about his services.)


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