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Adaptive Business Models

We have written a paper on business models, and most who write on the subject today focus on how business models are changing, often due to technology. Famously disruptive business models include amazon.com, airbnb, Netflix, Uber, etc. And sometimes changing … Continue reading

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Thank Goodness McDonald’s Wasn’t Like JC Penney

I have previously noted how JC Penney hired Ron Johnson to create a growth strategy for the company. He implemented a new strategy, and as anyone would likely realize, sales went down. Why, as I wrote in the prior post, … Continue reading

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The Real Reason For The Demise of Print Media

Along with others, I have been watching the continual demise of the American newspaper. Over time, advertisers have put QR codes and other links into print media to try to measure results. Not perfect, but helpful. Then the issue becomes … Continue reading

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Gaining Competitive Advantage With Your Business Model

As I have written about before, companies can gain advantage from their business model. Consider some popular examples: Amazon.com: It starting as a bookstore and now is a global online “department store” that delivers. As competitors look to keep up, Amazon … Continue reading

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And The Change Begins

Back in June I questioned the viability of the Uber business model in terms of “what’s in it for the driver,” and my belief that drivers would become scarce. Maybe I was on to something. At the end of July … Continue reading

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What’s Really Wrong With McDonald’s

Much is being written about the so-called McDonald’s turnaround (the current one). Pundits chime in regularly as to what they need to do. Much is being made of “menu creep.” The belief is the menu has grown to the point where … Continue reading

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How Long Can This Business Model Last?

I am not an avid Uber user, but I do use them from time to time and find the service quite good. The fact that it is less expensive than a taxi (usually) is an added benefit, until you stop … Continue reading

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They’re back

After a several year funk, they’re back. They being 3M. Their core business model for decades has famously been to out-innovate their competitors. (The headline on their website is “Innovative Technology for a Changing World.”) They pioneered the idea of giving … Continue reading

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Rethinking your business model

Especially in today’s continuingly chaotic economy it may be time to reconsider your business model. To learn more about how to do that read the article in Chief Executive. Mitch

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